My Super MEGA Fast Pet Turtle

Mar 22, 2017 | Stories for kids | 0 comments

Written and illustrated by Victoria Miller / Edited by Lisa Carter

Mishi is  very special turtle… she is super MEGA fast, and she’s always trying to escape! Will Sammy be able to stop her… or is she trying to get somewhere?

When Sammy gets Mishi, a turtle, for his birthday, he is thrilled… for about five minutes. Mishi is set on escaping! Sammy and his mom try to stop her, but eventually, Mishi succeds, and gets lost “forever”… Sammy looks for it everywhere! And then, one day, Sammy finds out Mishi’s secret. Because Mishi had, indeed, somewhere to go.

“My Super Mega Fast Pet Turtle” is a cute tale for children ages 4-6.

20% of all proceeds from this tale will go to, to help them in their awesome task of helping orphan children from Swaziland go to school.

Title “My Super Mega Fast Pet Turtle”
Author and illustrator: Victoria Miller
ISBN 978-956-351-373-8

This tale is the first one I dare to do the illustrations and video for. I has a really special place in my heart. I hope it will have one in yours too!

Here are the fisrt 5 images of the tale (the last two would reveal Michi´s secret!)

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