FREE! Juaco and the sleeping sheepVictoria Miller

Juaco and the sleeping sheepJuaco HATES bedtime... ¡and his mom is desperate! So one night, she tells him to count sheep until he falls asleep. Everything goes fine in the beggining, ¡until the sheep start invading Juaco's bedroom! A small tale, for free, avaliable to read...


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Gentle evaluation methods: the bullseyeVictoria Miller

diana1aA brief article on how  to use the bullseye evaluation method as an alternative to test or exam evaluations. Downloadable free material included!

Free 1-10 number lottery templateVictoria Miller

lottery-loteria1-10 pA very simple word template. Includes numbers 1-10 to cut out, 4 pre filled lottery cards and for empty ones, so that your child can fill the number he/she chooses.


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sepia1I am writer of fantasy and children tales. My favorite genres are sci-ficcion, fantasy, vampires and children tales. Tales and novels are "my job" (as well as homeshcooling my son), the articles of this site are my hobby. I am an ecologist, and I try to approach it as a quest for personal change. That's why  instead of wishing for the entire human race extention, on behalf of the planet, I try to improve my little corner of the world :) Bhudism helps me to keep things in perspective.... but I am still a serial plant killer!