I want to be more environmentally aware, but I have little time, a serious lack lof energy and to be honest, I find changeing habits extremely difficut. In short: I AM REALLY LAZY.

Since I prefer focusing on what I can do instead of in what  I should do, I decided to implement a SUPER EASY ecological idea a week and record how it goes and its results. My goal is to decrease my carbon footprint!
WEEK ONE: Saving water with a single action, now and forever: Adjust (close a bit!) the main water tap of your house.
Reasoning behid this idea: saving water is perhaps is most simple energy saving measure  we can do, and yet … few people do it constantly. So, here’s an idea that even the laziest person can put into practice.
Directions: Go out, find the main water tap in the house (the one that allows water into the HOUSE) and close it just a little bit. The idea is to lower the water pressure. Try to close it as much as you can without making the shower stream getting  too weak.  After doing this, ALL the water taps in the house will run a bit less water every time you open them,  without any further effort on your part, EVER. Is that easy! I don´t how  much  I will save, but I will check my water bill and I will report on this.
How to multiply the impact: You could do the same for your building … even some condos have devices that could do it.
Victoria Miller.
(The beautiful image of this article is Community_agua, by artist Sara Torres. You can see and contract work in her page Gumgarden )